Patrick Abernethy


“Barbering has nothing to do with my ego, it’s all about the clients ego when they walk out of my shop”.

Patrick has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and has seen and done it all. From shop ownership to education. But is always most comfortable standing behind the chair, taking care of his clients. The most important aspects of barbering to Patrick are consistency, tradition, and customer service.

“I firmly believe that the art of barbering goes much deeper than a haircut. It’s more about the connections between people. Being involved in a child’s first introduction to a pair of clippers, to the haircut before their wedding day. I thrive on the interactions with my clients and the confident smile they give walking out the door. The barber community is rich with traditions that date back thousands of years. I am humbled and proud to share my craft and knowledge with my barber family, my treasured clients, and my friends. Who are all in the same”.