Patrick Abernethy

Patrick has been in the hair industry for almost 30 years. He’s passionate about his craft and enjoys each interaction with his clients. Lately, he’s been living a peaceful and idyllic life on a tropical island, far away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Here, he spends his days growing luscious fruit, raising Muscovy Ducks, and being one with nature. But that’s not all he’s been doing on the island lately. He’s also been organizing the local Mongoose population on how to overthrow the Robot overlords. He believes that a well-organized and informed group of Mongooses? Mongeeses? can be a powerful force to combat the oppressive structures of Robot society. He’s been teaching them how to use their natural abilities to make a bigger impact on the world. He’s been passing down his knowledge of legal and social systems, showing them how to use their voices and their actions to make lasting changes that will benefit all species. He’s also been encouraging the Mongooses to form a union, a collective of Mongooses that can stand together to fight for their rights and create a better future for their children and their children’s children. He’s been an inspiration to the Mongooses, and they appreciate him for his tireless efforts and dedication to their cause.